I would like an estimate on a project that I am considering, is there a charge for your company to come out and give me a proposal.
No, A3D Construction & Fencing will come to your property, assess your needs and have a written proposal to you within 24 hours of our consultation.

Are the estimates free?
Yes. All A3D Construction & Fencing estimates are free.

Are you insured and bonded?
Yes, A3D Construction & Fencing is insured and bonded up to $4,000,000 in General Liability and Workmen's Compensation

Does your company offer architectural services?
Yes. Design build services are an asset to most contractors who are able to offer this unique option. A3D Construction & Fencing employs a full time, licensed architect, who can design a large commercial project, a strip center build-out or even a small patio deck specifically for your budget.

Do you offer any other services other than construction?

Yes, although we specialize in construction and demolition; we clear large lots for developers, haul off all types of debris, and cut down trees.

Do you offer financing?
During hard economic times, it is often challenging to come up with funds to cover unexpected repairs or just some much needed renovations. We offer financing on a "case by case" basis to assist customers who are in need.

Do you offer a warranty?
We stand by the quality of our work and for that reason we offer a 12-36 month warranty on all construction projects.

Can you suggest options and possible savings?
Yes, because of our experience in the field we have that ability and we know whom to contact for information on materials, subcontractors, details, etc.

At what point in the process should I contact a contractor
As early as possible in the architectural or construction process. It can be very valuable to have our input and a dialog with the customer, architect or construction manager to help determine your options.

Do you continue the owner-contractor relationship after the construction is complete?
Yes, we value ongoing relationships and pride ourselves on timely responses to concerns.

What makes you different from your competition?
We are noted first and foremost for our quality workmanship made possible by our respectful approach, esthetic understanding and strong attention to detail. We are appreciated for our quick response time to job site concerns and our consistent follow through.

Does A3D take any special safety precautions on the job?
Safety is a primary concern for A3D Construction & Fencing.  We developed a comprehensive commercial construction safety program with the assistance of a retired OSHA officer.  We employ noted occupational safety consultants Safety Services of America to keep us current in safety methods and training. A3D Construction & Fencing conducts weekly toolbox safety meetings for our crews, and we require fall prevention classes for our superintendents and foremen.Additionally, our operators must earn and maintain licensing and certifications for the machinery they operate. A3D Construction & Fencing takes safety seriously and, as a result, we have not experienced a major accident in our existence.

Should I get other estimates before proceeding?
Getting other estimates is a personal decision. It’s very easy to compare prices but very difficult to compare scopes of work and specifications and even more difficult to compare service and craftsmanship. All too often people are tempted by a lower price and live to regret it when they don’t get the job they expected or worse, things start falling apart. Our advice has always been — hire a contractor you trust and feel confident we'll do a professional job for you.

What can I, as the customer, do during the restoration process?
You are a very important part of the restoration process. You have two very important functions: (1) Any selections that are needed for your project are made by the scheduled date (provided by the Project Manager) and (2) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! Contacting us with questions and concerns in a timely manner will reduce the amount of stress, errors and delays.

What is a timeline/schedule? Why is it important?
A timeline/schedule is an outline specific to each job. It's purpose is to track and maintain the progress of the job. You have been provided with the schedule for your job in this packet. This gives you an “at a glance” tool to see in what order the project items will be completed, on what date the task is scheduled and how long the task will take.


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